Tips on How to Write an Essay

The answer to the question of how to become better at writing essays seems obvious: you simply need to practice as much as you can. However, it is a lot more complicated than you might think. Writing tons of articles will not improve your skills unless you start experimenting and implementing new techniques. Without a doubt, you will learn how to write good essays as soon as you start reading more. The essence of creativity is to enrich your life with various styles and ideas that you first borrow from others and then can process them and produce your own. In a short-term period, having a clear idea of the process and its stages is a good start. Therefore, this article will tell you more about how to write an essay that can impress your readers.

A Simple Essay Plan

A rigid structure of a literary piece is a sign of professionalism. When you know exactly the order of essay paragraphs and can explain the logic behind every passage, you can claim yourself to be a good writer. The fact that you are interested to find out how to write good essays is a clear sign that you want to become better at this creative activity. That is why you will find the following information to be helpful. Let’s look at an essay plan in more detail.

  1. Introduction. How do you write an introduction for an essay? What is the point of the first paragraph anyway? You might be surprised but there is more than one purpose of introductory passages. First of all, it is the right place to let your readers know what you are going to discuss. As you know, a good thesis statement is all you need. If it is an argumentative essay we are talking about, you will inform them on which side of an argument you stand. Second of all, the goal of this part of your article is to attract the attention of the audience. The more interesting and appealing you make it, the higher the probability your readers continue the reading process. You can find many techniques of how to make the first sentences of your piece memorable. The key point to remember is that the hook you choose should be relevant to the topic of your piece. Therefore, in case you are writing about a dramatic event, probably do not start with an anecdote. And if you wonder how long should an essay introduction be, it depends on the topic and the overall size of your piece. As a rule, it should not be longer than 1/3 of the whole essay.
  2. Body paragraphs. It is clear that the main part of your creative piece should present your ideas on the chosen topic. Most of the resources that give you tips on how to write an essay agree that a rigid structure is a key to creating a stellar piece. That is why your goal is to make sure there is a smooth flow of thoughts when you get from one point to another. Also, it is important to think about the order of the points you want to discuss. Usually, you would start with the most important one and move to less significant ones. However, you can finish the sequence with a killer argument to make your point clear. If you are wondering how to become better at writing essays, you should pay close attention to the quality and relevance of the information you use. Make sure it is up-to-date and comes from a trusted resource.
  3. Conclusion. When you get to the last paragraph, it is important to keep in mind the key idea of the whole piece. Resist the temptation and do not introduce any new insights. Just highlight the important points you’ve discussed. Remember that you can always buy essay cheap online to avoid this tiresome process.

How to write an introduction in an essay

As you already know, there are various hooks to make your audience excited about reading the piece you’ve written. But exactly how do you write an introduction for an essay? We suggest you break it down into two parts: the first one is going to consist of the chosen hook, and the second one is going to contain the thesis statement. In terms of the latter, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that it should be rather short and clear. Make sure there are no double meanings that may lead to misunderstanding. As to the hooks, here are some of the options you can consider:

  1. Personal story. Obviously, it should not be just a random event from your life that comes to mind. It needs to be a story that was emotionally significant for you and is relevant to the topic of your writing. If you choose this option and do everything right, you will create the corresponding mood for your readers.
  2. Example or analogy. This one is a great option for essays where you need to inform the audience about something or explain how something works. It will give the readers the necessary background and a clearer understanding.
  3. Some kind of a fact. You can start with statistical information relevant to the topic or just an interesting fact that the general public might not be familiar with to attract attention.
  4. Contradictory information. It is something that will definitely make your audience pay attention. When there are many contradictory views on a subject, it means that people are emotionally involved in the matter and would be interested to know what you have to say.

It is crucial to understand how long should an essay introduction be. Even though you need to include a lot of information there, do not turn it into an everlasting flow of your thoughts. Think rationally and give the audience enough information to get interested but not bored.

How to write conclusion essay

In case you are wondering how to write conclusion essay, our team is glad to give you the answer. This paragraph should be a summary of the points you’ve mentioned. It is also the place where you restate the thesis and emphasize the significance of the discussed topic. Highlight the key points you’ve mentioned without going into much detail. Here are some of the “don’ts” as well:

  1. do not present any new ideas
  2. do not modify your thesis so that it means something different
  3. do not make the paragraph too long and difficult to understand


FAQ on how to write good essays

How long should an essay be?

One of the main issues of how to write an essay is its length. As a rule, your teacher will tell you the required number of pages. This approach is necessary to test your ability to present your ideas clearly and within a specific number of pages.  Here are the answers to other popular questions:

How long should a sentence be in an essay?

We’ll start by saying that there is an extremely low probability that your teacher is going to lower your grade because of the sentence length. However, if you want to know the standard length that experts recommend using, it’s between fifteen and twenty words. Just remember that the meaning of your sentences is more important than their length.

How many paragraphs are in essay?

It is not a secret that there is a standard five-paragraph essay structure. It consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Depending on the assignment type, the structure may change. Ask your teacher to provide you with specific guidelines to make sure you do everything right.

How long should an essay paragraph be?

The length of a paragraph depends on the message you want to communicate. Do not break it off abruptly and make sure you’ve concluded one thought and are ready to move to the next one. As a rule, you will need from three to six sentences to do that.



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