Coronavirus vs. Students: Changes Are Inevitable

As soon the pandemic situation started to get worse, people started saying that things would never be the same again. Everything has to change for people to adapt to the new reality. It was hard to believe that at the beginning. Everyone thought that the quarantine was going to end at some point and that things would go back to normal. However, many countries still have closed borders and educational institutions to protect people from coronavirus.

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Tangled Reconciliations of People

The early missionaries and the traditional religious people within the communities acted along the requirements of the early Christianity. This means that the ancient were transitioning between the churches, traditionalism, paganism and atheism. Most of the early people had beliefs and taboos that kept them believing. The atheists did not believe in anything and were just living by fate. They depended on how the day will come by while the pagans did not believe in attending church. The traditionalists had beliefs in certain objects or supernatural beings depending on the culture and the origin. Continue reading Tangled Reconciliations of People

Analyzing the Theme of Love across the Medieval and Renaissance

Love is a predominant theme in different kinds of art including poetry. It is a central aspect in human life as people strive to find or give love. In treating the theme of love, different poets have attempted to balance between carnal and spiritual aspects of love. Love has been a major theme in poetry since the medieval time, renaissance and 19th century up to the 20th centuries. Christopher Marlowe’s the passionate shepherd to his love poem, which creates an ideal image of emotions in rural context.

An example of medieval period poem that addresses love is John Donne’s Holy Sonnet. William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 is a classic example of a renaissance poem that addresses the theme of love. The love theme in 19th century period, which is popularly termed as the romantic era is exemplified by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
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The Matrix Movie Analysis

Both of the movies, the Matrix and Star Wars, present a simulation of traditional reality in imaginary living spaces. While the Matrix presents a dystopia, Star Wars presents an ideal space that human beings ought to live. The Star Wars movie depicts a galaxy that exists in the distant past while portraying the contrast between characters who are striving to attain dissimilar needs. In the analysis of Matrix and Star wars, it is evident that there is a huge sense of conflict and tumult that occurs behind the soft veneer of a harmonious society. Continue reading The Matrix Movie Analysis

Free Essay Sample: Sports And Steroids. Use Aftermath

The use of steroids in sports has always been rather a disputable problem. Sports committees and anti-doping authorities have had numerous attempts to take the situation under control. It was in vain. Nowadays the use of steroids is a huge medical problem. Many medical and public institutions emphasize the harm caused by the use of steroid substances. Sportsmen, body builders or people that use them in therapeutic purposes struggle a lot. Continue reading Free Essay Sample: Sports And Steroids. Use Aftermath