Coronavirus vs. Students: Changes Are Inevitable

As soon the pandemic situation started to get worse, people started saying that things would never be the same again. Everything has to change for people to adapt to the new reality. It was hard to believe that at the beginning. Everyone thought that the quarantine was going to end at some point and that things would go back to normal. However, many countries still have closed borders and educational institutions to protect people from coronavirus.


Students now have online classes and online exams. Some schools are better equipped to face the new system of education, and others struggle a lot. Students nowadays have to face many difficulties not only because of the fear of getting infected but also due to the psychological adaptation issues. Let’s have a look at the things that have changed dramatically.

More Work, Less Free Time

Distance learning means being able to connect to the process of studying from any place in the world. However, it sounds better than it actually is. Studying remotely also means having more homework. Teachers still have their plan and want to meet the deadlines. It results in students having more assignments than ever before. Online classes are not as effective as offline ones no matter what others might tell you. It is more challenging to keep focused on the subject and follow the train of thoughts of your teacher. It is also more exhausting to sit all day staring into the screen. This is one of the reasons why many students choose to buy essay instead of trying to cope with an assignment on their own. They hire an essay writer cheap and choose to spend their time on other activities. Looking at the situation they are in, it is hard to judge them. 

No Interaction

It is hard to imagine student life without all those jokes about teachers, small talks in between classes, and fun parties. The pandemic times have deprived students of all of those things. It is worth mentioning that social interaction is a major part of the studying process. Socialization itself is one of the elements of education. It lets youngsters learn how to communicate with others, present their ideas, fight for their principles. The online format will never match the results of offline interaction. Social distancing makes students more introverted and isolated. They are more likely to ask a random freelancer: “Help me write my essay for me cheap” than ask a peer for some assistance. The feeling of safety is absent and it is hard to feel yourself a part of a studying group just looking at everyone through your laptop’s screen. It’s become a lot harder to find life-long friendships when there is no way you can talk to a person without wearing a mask.

Reputation vs. Health

At some point, students find their reputation to be more important than anything else. The opinion of others about their personalities starts to play a huge role in the process of self-identification. It is an inevitable step almost everyone has to go through during the years in college. You start considering the opinions of more authoritative peers and try to meet their expectations. The translation of such behavior in terms of the pandemic reality is the way students treat the quarantine and its necessary limitations. If those popular students believe that coronavirus does not exist and there is nothing to worry about, their followers have to accept it as the truth and ignore all the limitations. They have to choose a good reputation for their health. It may sound unrealistic but this is what is happening right now in many educational institutions. 

Globalization Paused

Many school graduates choose to continue their studies abroad. It a great way to see the world, learn new languages, make a lot of new international friends. All of that becomes almost impossible to do because of COVID-19. What is the point to go to another country if you can’t attend classes or meet with your peers? How can you learn another language if there is no interaction between students? The only time you meet with other students is during the online classes. One more point is that due to the pandemic reality there are almost no part-time jobs available right now. Those students who heavily depend on their salaries find themselves in a very strange situation. Needless to say that many families face financial difficulties due to the many businesses shutting down. To pass some of their courses, students look for a cheap essay writing servise  and pay close attention to their budgets.

What to Expect?

No one knows what is going to happen in the future. Will there be a vaccine that is going to make our lives easier? Will we adapt to the environment and accept the process of education as it is today? It’s hard to say. The only thing becomes obvious: it is a difficult time for students and they might need more support than usual. If you feel frustrated or depressed, make sure to contact someone who can help. It is the responsibility of every one of us to make sure our physical and psychological condition is at its best even in the times of COVID-19.  

What You Can Do Right Now

Student life has always been stressful. Right now there is an additional reason to worry, obviously. Distance learning may cause that additional pressure that might become unbearable. The level of anxiety rises and it becomes impossible to focus on daily tasks. It is clear that you can’t finish writing an essay when you worry about your family’s health and your own health. Again, we believe that it is a matter of setting the priorities right. If there are more important tasks on your to-do list than writing another essay on a boring topic, our company is ready to help you. Always choose your health – mental and physical – over other things. It is the most precious thing we have. If you think that the pressure you experience is too unbearable, do not hesitate to contact someone who can help you. Whether it is a psychotherapist or a close friend, do not try to overcome the difficulties on your own.


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