What Is a Process Essay?

Before you dive into the exciting activity of writing, you should know what your masterpiece needs to look like.

What Is a Process Essay

The process essay is a kind of a recipe (if we are to use a culinary analogy) that tells your readers how to do something – a specific process one should undergo to complete a task. Therefore, your goal is to describe every step in all the details and make sure you list the necessary stage in chronological order. As to the structure of your assignment, it might look like this:

  1. The Introduction. Begin your process essay by providing some context and giving some necessary explanations. It is crucial for your readers to understand what you are going to discuss further on in this article. Also, your task is to analyze your audience to decide how much background information should you include. Provide them with some background and move on to the thesis statement. This part should not be too long. Just mention what procedure you are going to write about and make the beginning appealing. After all, this is the point where readers decide whether to stop reading or not.
  2. The Body Paragraphs. Obviously, this is the part where you actually describe all the key steps of the process you’ve 2chosen to explain to your target audience. To make your process essay more structured, you are welcome to use transition words which help you move smoothly from one point to another. If you are willing to be more organized, it is a good idea to make an outline. Just note down the points you’d like to mention and mind the order you list them. After you’ve finished this part, reread it to make sure it is easy to follow your train of thought.
  3. The Conclusion. The trickiest point of this part is not to repeat the thesis using the same words you’ve already used. The goal is to remind your readers of the key point of this article and reinforce the valuable information from the previous paragraphs. Remember that this is not the right place to introduce some new ideas and insights. Just highlight the most significant idea and the essential steps of the algorithm. It is the right place to go through the steps you’ve mentioned once again and check if there is anything missing.

How to write a process essay: short algorithm

Now that you have an overall idea of what a process essay is all about, let’s look at it in more detail. So, you’ve received this exciting assignment and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, many students are at a loss when they have to cope with something similar. Our task is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge so that this assignment would seem easy to you. You might have been aware of the basic structure you need to use before, so now it’s time to move on to the specifics. Here is one of the possible algorithms of how to write a process essay:

  1. Think about the people who are going to read your process essay. What do they know about this topic? How deep should you go in terms of the key steps and explanations? Is it a good idea for you to use specific terminology on this topic or your audience prefers simple language with no unknown definitions? These are some of the questions that can go through your mind. Do not underestimate the importance of this step. The result you’ll get heavily depends on how well you understand the answers. It is one of the key points of how to write a process essay.
  2. List the necessary tools and materials. Once you’ve noted down the steps a reader will need to take to complete the task, it is time to include the selection of tools and materials needed as well. Go through every step and specify the additional things the audience is going to require. Make sure to include more detailed descriptions of the unusual tools that one might need to apply. It might be the case that your readers have never heard about a particular tool before. Therefore, your task is to give explanations.
  3. It might be boring but you need to outline. We highly recommend you not to ignore this step and dedicate the required time and effort to outlining. Believe us, it will save you from going off the topic and listing your points randomly. The number of details you are going to include depends on your analysis of the audience. If you are writing a recipe, you might either write: “add mint to taste” or expand on the difference between adding fresh and dried mint to a dish. Outlining is the key ingredient of how to write a process essay.
  4. Breathe out and start writing. It’s enough preparing and postponing. The time has come to start working on your first draft. There is nothing unusual about this procedure, you simply initiate the process by grabbing the attention of your readers and continue by giving them the key facts on the chosen topic. Remember about the necessity of smooth transitions between paragraphs and use all the magic (aka transition words) to make it happen. And keep your outline nearby as you will need to control yourself and check if everything is going according to the plan.
  5. Now it’s time to sum everything up. Apart from the summary of everything you’ve mentioned so far, this part should also help your readers understand what is the result of all the steps of the process. What are they going to get? You can do so by describing the way the outcome might look like or what is going to happen when they precisely follow all the steps. You should also remind the readers about the significance of the discussed topic and reformulate your thesis. There is one more thing you can do before breathing out and celebrating your victory. Reread the whole piece and decide whether it is easy to understand. Do not hesitate to rewrite some of the paragraphs if you think that they are difficult to grasp. If you want to get an objective overview, ask someone you trust to read the piece and give you feedback. Finally, do not ignore the step of proofreading. Even if your piece consists of stunning tips and smooth transitions but has many grammar and spelling errors, you still are not going to get the desired grade.


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