Writing Essay On Terrorism

Terrorism has become the threat of the modern world and effective mechanism of the global world war. However, can it be justified? Can terrorism be justified as a leveler of societal choices and rights, as an evidence of national self appear and religious, social, national, etc. superiority? What if the justice is powerless and there is no way to fight, but this one? All these questions remain without an answer but are still rather disputable. The phenomenon of the terrorism is one of those notions which is hard to explain or perceive. It is an ambiguous phenomenon that caused much stir all over the world.

Negative Tendency of Terrorism

Maybe, this is the issue that is conforming to the laws of nature. It can also be an artificially man-made issue or something else. Anyway, it does exist in modern world and has a negative trend. If I dare to say that terrorism in the range of its manifestations can be justified, will it be objective or will it be an unacceptable viewpoint? It depends on the outlook, level of acknowledgment, education, political and social adherence, religion, and so on and so force. In any case, it is rather an individual, and at the same time so much global phenomenon that it is even hard to meditate on this very particular issue. It is a dubious and even metaphysical issue if the terrorism can be justified at least by one of the existing human moral, ethical, religion, etc dogmas.

Where Is The Truth

So, a lot of cases of injustice is familiar to the humanity. Society altogether with its politics has numerous vices which are usually the embodiment of various protest forms. They can be radical, peaceful, and military reactions. For instance, the use of the mass rapes of males, females and even children by both black and white military men as one of the war methods does not have enough publicity. It seems not to belong to the acts of terrorism out loud openly and publicly. But it is already a terror, indeed, and is rather acceptable. Really, why not?

But if speaking about the people in masks who explode themselves in the public places in order to press for independence, right not to be raped, offended, suppressed, etc. any more, dependent on the oppressing conquerors from the strange states, etc. this very case is called a terrorist act all over the world and severely persecuted by any governmental and non-governmental authorities publicly, openly, all mass media is just tearing apart with the news. So, where is the truth and what do we call the terrorism?

Terrorism Definition

In many sources you can find the explanation that a word Terrorism is a policy based on the systematic use of terror. Synonyms for the word “terror” (Latin terror – fear, terror) is the word “violence”, “intimidation”, “intimidation,” etc. If it so, so why don’t we call the situation in the North Korea a terrorism? Isn’t it a polity that is terrorist? By the way, people there are living in the constant fear and total control on the part of the state. Why not to call a spade a spade? Let us go back into the Medieval history. The functioning of the Great Inquisition in the Medieval Europe was hardly called terrorist, right?

There are many examples from both past and present, however, it is obvious that people used to call terrorism wrong things as if they were blind to see and define good and evil. It is doubtful to say that a Muslim in the mask that takes hostages in order to gain freedom is more terrorist than the president or any other authority, whatever, who sends the troops into the strange, absolutely distinctive countries with an intention to intervene and extend the influence or something else, no matter. Evil begets evil, it is common. This is the law of nature.


It is apparent that the terrorism as the criminal phenomenon typical for the modern world is not the logical outcome, the inevitable aftermath of wrong deeds, mistaken decisions, generally all evil ever made by those who should not have done it. If there is no such a law to fight the offender or it fails in the face of the enemy, if there is no one to help and stop it, all means are good, it is an axiom. There is an action and a counteraction. And this works in the world, it is natural. So, perhaps there could be an ordinary crime, when people kill other people for nothing, but there may be also a crime under the terrorism category which can be applied to realize the higher intention on the way to the ultimate good an freedom. Who knows?

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