Racism As The Problem Of The Past?

Racism needs no explanation, no analysis. Its ineradicable slogans spread like the tide, which at any moment could flood the society. Existence of racism does not require justification. This categorical statement is as absolute as the unprovable, which really means that racism has all the signs of an axiom.

Racism of the Past

In fact, this is the problem of the past, present and future as far as the racism issues have transformed and squired more specific and local features in the present days. If we recall those days when the black people first raised to fight for their rights, it is impossible to miss a fact that it would be practically impossible without the first steps of by Abraham Lincoln. He was the first to put the problem of rich and slaves in question. No wonder, he perhaps was the first authority who fought the justice. Anyway he not really chased the goal to free the slaves, but something else, however, it is not the point.

The point is that despite the long years of abolitionism, civil wars and other conflicts, racism still occupies the position of one of the most vital issues of modern society. It has transformed into the most perverted and subtle forms. Nowadays, it is hard to see the white lynching the black one on the streets, however, in modern days it is possible to trace the white supremacy in other spheres. In addition, what is more unprecedented it is possible to trace the abuse of white people by the black ones. It is odd to hear that but in reality there is no race for racism, indeed.


Accessible to everyone, even if not received by each, racism is a concept, the more effective the more it is vague, the more dynamic, the more it seems obvious, etc. In fact, it is an obsession, which travels at the speed of rumors, racism gathers a person or group of people faster, the stronger sense of vulnerability of each individual who has lost his sense of political, social, religious, and economic “self” is. This is the problem of each individual and the society as the whole. And that is why it is hard to solve, indeed.

Some believe that the term “racism” is only applicable to blacks and other forms of discrimination including anti-Semitism, attitudes towards other nations such as the Irish or Jews are simply not taken into consideration. Nazi treatment of Jews was based on the idea of the inferiority of the letter. So, racism has multiple forms, manifestations and variations. It is universal and applicable in multiple cases. In the context of welfare, for example, racism takes many forms too, including personal and institutional racism. Racism, for example, is reflected in the fact that responsibility for it is always transferred only on black workers, though it was actually the white people who imposed their societal racial attitudes on others. It is wise to remember that racism evidently ignores the needs of other cultures. This is the key.

Roots of the Problem

It is not only about the black and white, the roots of the problem are much deeper. Racism has no face, it has no nationality, religion, etc. It is more global as much as the same local phenomenon. The racism is also the situation when customers are not met and addressed adequately, when black becomes white by means of skin transplantation, when black gets a place in higher power echelon though he is a worse leader than a white one only because of the political correctness, when British call Irish a paddy Irish, etc.

A common form of racism is considered the treatment of all customers in the same way, etc. So, there are numerous perverted and sometimes even ridiculous cases of racism. It is not about the physiological supremacy any longer, it is something deeper than the deepest abyss in peoples minds.


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