Sample College Paper: Cyber Technology And Future

It is hard to imagine the future without high-tech devices and intricate gadgets, cheap surgery and genetic modifications. They are already on the threshold of free access all over the world. Humanity is on its way to unknown and is moving with the fast pace to the new understanding of life. About a half century ago we could hardly imagine the nearest future that is now our present or even past. Some may say it has not changed much, others may claim it changed radically and continues its transformation, whatever. Different people have different views of technologic progress. However, everybody realizes that it takes place right now and right here.

Cybernetic Future

There are many theories about the cybernetic future that may wait for humanity. It is possible to draw the picture of the nearest future ideally as if you see it through the window nowadays. Traditionally, a sci-fi story describes the technical development of the society of the near future. There are also processes taking place at the same time – universal penetration of information technology into all spheres of human activity. It includes genetic and molecular engineering, breeding, modification of the human and non-human body, etc. Breeding of people and human-like robots, designing of sprawl-like metropolises – all that is rather present that future.

It is easy to be naive and think that in future people will ride the flying machines, have a cure for cancer and all possible diseases, leave in peace in one huge agglomerate and consume only ecologically pure water and food, etc. It is rather a utopia than a reality. With all negative aspects typical for the pre-apocalyptic world we may observe nowadays: global warming, smog, overpopulation, soil contamination, lack of fresh water, extinction of animals and plants, infections, cheap plastic surgery, body modification tendencies, manufacturing of robots and use of AI, etc., it is quite possible to say that the nearest future will be less natural and happy and more plastic and miserable to the mankind.

cyber technology


The point is that with deeper penetration of modern cyder technologies, the borders between a human being and a robot wipe. Modern society is striving to high-tech voluntarily. They are building their future by means of cell phones, cheek implants, and world wide web, etc. There is always a group of liberal scientists who find this way devastating. It is the wrong way of development for a sentient. So, we choose the path of destruction and it is sad as this is our free will.

Going back into the 90s, the cyberspace term was first used and became widespread with the development of Internet and World Wide Web in order to define somehow the direct communication between the brain and the computer. In reality, it was the first time when humanity tried to explain the process when users experienced “virtual” space contained in the computer’s memory and depicted graphically.This word is taken from the works of science fiction, where it is usually associated with situations of creating a direct connection between the human brain and the computer network, etc. In other words, cyberspace is a virtual space as opposed to real life.


What is real and what is not for the modern people? They spend all their free time on social networks, searching on the web useless or useful information, they garbage their brain and damage it with allusions, etc. People communicate with technique both at work and at home. What has become the reality for them? It is hard to say, however, it is obvious that leaving in simulacrum world, we cannot define what is real and what is not any longer. There is the future of new era – technologic era of human existence.

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