Essay Sample on Should Internet Be Censored?

Censoring of the world wide web is one of the most controversial issues of the modern times. Few states in the world have already had an attempt to take measures in terms of web information. Filtering of the data in the world wide web creates hot debates all over the world. It is at least due to the fact that this is the only source that has never been under censorship. It is obvious that the Internet can be the most unique and rich information database. And at the same time as the worst and the dirtiest informational waste pipe.


There are few well-known attempts to control uncontrollable – to apply the censorship acts in the sphere of online technologies. Thus, China “Golden Shield” act appeared in order to censor the global information web. According to it, several web pages got the filtering procedures by keywords related to national security. The”black list” of URLs was the result of it. Wikipedia and many other sites had to stop their existence in China. It provoked a scandal and a bit of bewilderment. In 2006, Google had to launch a Chinese version of the site, but in 2010 because of the conflicts with the authorities, it closed. No wonder.

Uncontrolled Internet

There were also cases when the governments of many countries had a great interest in censoring the Internet. The Internet is an uncontrolled information space that makes it possible to anonymously upload and distribute completely unwanted, dangerous or secret information. As well as virtual funds, make transactions, activate the bomb charges, etc. The claims in favor of the Internet censorship put in jeopardy the future of the world web according to Google’s official statement on this very particular issue.

It is not surprising that the first company that had to somehow react was Google. The point is that Google is a leader in a sphere of world wide web technologies and communication. Alongside many ordinary users, it is against the censorship. According to Google, meetings discussing the censorship issue will be in Dubai this year. They will discuss the possibility and necessity of censorship on the web.


Of course, pornography and dozens of malicious resources have always jeopardized the users, especially underaged, however, is this an argument strong enough to implement the censorship of the only free from censorship channel like Internet? Free internet is compromised. Today the web material in 42 countries is already censored. The government adopted 19 new laws restricting freedom of speech on the Internet in last two years. This is already a threat for traditional Internet users. Users all over the world are afraid that it really can happen that one day they wake up and find a small window with a list of “recommended” resources – several news sites, e-mail, several state online stores, etc. instead of the usual sites they got used to. Doesn’t it look like the violation of one’s rights?


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