The Matrix Movie Analysis

Both of the movies, the Matrix and Star Wars, present a simulation of traditional reality in imaginary living spaces. While the Matrix presents a dystopia, Star Wars presents an ideal space that human beings ought to live. The Star Wars movie depicts a galaxy that exists in the distant past while portraying the contrast between characters who are striving to attain dissimilar needs. In the analysis of Matrix and Star wars, it is evident that there is a huge sense of conflict and tumult that occurs behind the soft veneer of a harmonious society.

While employing critical scenes, it is discernible that the Matrix movie signifies madness. The plot sets in a surreal world whereby humans live in without realizing. Artificial intelligence becomes counterproductive to human welfare because it creates wars and conflicts between human beings. The machines are maddened elements that live human beings vulnerable to their exploits. In order for the machines to survive, they resort to controlling their creators. In this perspective, the role of the experimented and the experimenter interchanges.

Technical Aspects

In the movie, oblique camera angles are employable towards the portrayal of the distortion to the reality that the individuals live in. In addition, the technical team employed bird-eye view shots that articulated the design and heights of the buildings on set.A bird-eye view is a critical tool that portrays the whole environment of a set. In the opening of the film, the bird-eye view was instrumental in portraying the pulse-like appearance of the buildings’ surface. In addition, this angle depicts a distortion when Trinity makes a leap onto the adjacent building. It depicts an abnormal distance and closes in when Trinity is almost landing on the adjacent building.


The bird-eye view was critical in showing different realities. This is a case of conflict that expresses the falsehood of human lives when a single individual undertakes a double life. In this view, it is discernible that Neo’s room and office are a stark contrast. Behind the neat office life of the character, Neo’s room manifests a scatter and untidiness that portrays a wholly different side to the character. This view is also employable towards unraveling the surfaces of normal lives.

In the scene of Neo and Morpheus, this angle manifests the grim look of the establishment in which Neo first encounters. When Neo is climbing the stairs, the bird-eye view uncovers the confusion and mystery that occurs in his mind. If other characters surround Morpheus, this view helps in manifesting the helplessness of staying in a trapped state. This view is constructive in concentrating the audience’s focus on the character who now sits alone in the enclosed room. This suggests that this view may be employable towards distorting the size of a room by either enlarging or diminishing the given space.

Fish Eye Lens

Another instrumental angle is the fish eye lens that portrays Neo’s uneasiness under Agent Smith’s study. This is a Gothic element of distorting bodies and shapes. In the whole film, slanted and straight lines are not that popular. These lines indicate control and order in a place that individuals are imprisoned within definite zones. In the early film chase, straight lines are present in every scene. Apart from these lines, the deformation of physical appearance is indicated in the agents’ uniform. This accords a rigid appeal that portrays the agents as machines.
There is the significant use of cameras that pan across scenes in the Star Wars movie.

In the opening scenes, there is the introduction of the galaxy that professes different sides to a single space. There is the description of both real elements and surreal elements that stretch to define a single place. In addition, the camera concentrates in according an emphasized view of Darth Vader. Darth Vader is a dark character whose costumes reflect various perspectives to the perception of a single person. The quantum leap was a considerable innovation that presented notable visual effects, sound effects and production design.

A typical scene in the movie would depict an actor interacting with another individual in considerable costumes. The other actor would be operated on with an invisible puppeteer that manipulates the character as a machine. At the same time, the effect of matte painting would accord the movie the effect of an alien landscape.

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