Free Essay Sample: Sports And Steroids. Use Aftermath

The use of steroids in sports has always been rather a disputable problem. Sports committees and anti-doping authorities have had numerous attempts to take the situation under control. It was in vain. Nowadays the use of steroids is a huge medical problem. Many medical and public institutions emphasize the harm caused by the use of steroid substances. Sportsmen, body builders or people that use them in therapeutic purposes struggle a lot.

To Use or Not To Use

Traditionally, a sportsman has the right to choose whether to use the steroids or not. It should be under the severe control of the personal doctor. Overdose can cause a sportsman his life or at least well-being. The higher the dose is, the more likely emergence of negative effects will be. There are secondary effects like acne, fluid retention, swallowed testicles, infringements of the liver, loss of hair on the head, superfluous body hair, insomnia, increased appetite, gynecomastia, decreased voice timbre, aggression, etc.

Most of these dis-functions are reversible and disappear if one quits using steroids. They may have more severe consequences, such as heart diseases and psyche decay, the decrease of mental abilities, etc. The use of steroids by the athletes make them addicted to it. They completely control their physical and mental dependence. It is easy to start using steroids but it’s terribly hard to quit which aggravates the general condition of the sportsmen during the rehabilitation.

Specialists emphasize that abrupt sudden change in hormone level can be accompanied by the presence of the number of symptoms. Nausea, blennorrhagia, headache, giddiness, cardiopalmus, high blood pressure, the decline of sexual desire, depression are among them. To quit steroid use should be gradual and preferably under the control of the doctor.


The greatest damage of steroid use is the negative impact on the central nervous system. Each sportsman should be aware of the aftermath in older ages if he wants to increase the professional results with the help of steroids. Initially, specialists paid much attention to the negative impact on the organs that are responsible for motion and recently researchers have admitted dramatic impact on the mental health of the sportsmen. It is widely accepted that since the late 30s to 80s steroids have been applied to treat the mental diseases, treat depressions and other disorders.

Therapeutic use of steroids in clinic setting made patients feel better, improved their memory, reduced fatigue and recovered their mood, etc. Studies have also found the significant effect of the testosterone on the development and functioning of the central nervous system. Thus, testosterone increases the level of hormones in the core of the brain. Steroids trigger the change in brain activity like amphetamines and antidepressants. However, alongside the healing effects, harmful aspects were also discovered.

Researchers admit psychosis and maniac and depressive states associated with drastic steroid use, especially its sudden quit. Overdoses can cause an increase aggression, propensity for violence, hallucinations, and depressions that may end in criminal behavior, end of sports career or even physical or mental disability. Apart from the nervous system damage, steroids also cause damage to an endocrine system, urogenital, cardiovascular, bones, skin and hair damages, muscle mutations and so on.

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