Tangled Reconciliations of People

The early missionaries and the traditional religious people within the communities acted along the requirements of the early Christianity. This means that the ancient were transitioning between the churches, traditionalism, paganism and atheism. Most of the early people had beliefs and taboos that kept them believing. The atheists did not believe in anything and were just living by fate. They depended on how the day will come by while the pagans did not believe in attending church. The traditionalists had beliefs in certain objects or supernatural beings depending on the culture and the origin.

The young group of people rejected the churches from the perspective of missionaries linking with the colonialists. Similar to what the colonialist did to the communities before taking up their lands and resources. The early churches wanted to win people back by trying to change their mindset. This is the reason behind the introduction of feasts and celebrations. It was to prove to the communities that they were not working towards taking away their freedom. The introduction of the activities that were similar to the community helped change the perspective towards the churches.



Man controls all the proceedings of the earth but the earth is still bigger than all humanity. Only if the earth was capable of talking then I think very few people will remain non-criminals. Every person does sin or breaks the law but we have to be ready to face justice that we came up with ourselves in order to maintain law and order.

Justice tries to make life fair just because we understand we have a weakness in our hearts. Each individual will try to become the best and this leads to competition and conflicts. That might end up lacking a proper solution for every person thinks that he or she is doing the right thing.

These differences led to the formation of equality measures such as rules to govern and any person who goes against the rules will need to face justice. However, people still hide from the truth forgetting that “always the truth shall set you free.” These differences led to rising of different leads and numerous divisions depending on what a person feels towards another.




The Rwandan genocide was one of its own kind in history since it remains with the highest number of deaths and high costs of damage. The death of the then president Habyarimana of Rwanda in a plane crash outside Kigali led to changing of the entire country into chaos. The country comprises of two major communities the Hutu and the Tutsi. The Hutu wanted an immediate replacement of the deceased president with a new president since they did not acknowledge president Habyarimana while the Tutsis were patriotic to their country and would use democracy to change the president.

According to the Hutu’s they wanted a new leader especially from their community but not the Tutsi community. The UN was investigating on the possible causes of the plane crush while also providing external troops in the country since the country was getting tense. This led to start of the genocide without the knowledge of the Tutsis. The war was a community war whereby if a person was not capable of speaking the Hutu language they would slay or scorch them leaving them for the birds. This included the execution of even the children with no mercy. The occurrence of the rivals and the Hutu’s greed for power led to the start of the war.




Alfred Kroeber an early anthropologist dedicated in the finding out the possible reasons why people from the indigenous groups were disappearing. The anthropologist decided to take part on his personal researches such as the extraction of brains from some of the dead people. This included the brains of Ishia and the disappearance of his ashes that his family part of the indigenous red Indians demanded from Kroeber. On the other hand, Kroeber was not willing to hand in the material that would give possible answers to his questions that could possibly lead to helping the same community.



Studies prove that humans and chimpanzees have certain similarities but the only difference by slight differences. Some studies show that humans have a higher IQ than the chimpanzees and they do not have speech. However, the chimpanzees also have brains and squeak in a manner proving that they can communicate easily just like men. The physical features tend to look alike except for the tails whereby some historians also try to state that man also had a tail.

Aggression also differentiates the two animals from the same class of mammals since the chimpanzees are more aggressive compared to man. The IQ in man helps the people learn how to weigh options before choosing a certain step.

The chimpanzees have a less IQ and therefore they do not have options when it comes to anger management. The animal will get what it wants whenever it wants to get without considering other options. Such as the aftermath since it does not have feelings or sense of responsibility especially towards other species. The level of aggressiveness in chimpanzees is not comparable with that of humans. That is the major reason why human act like the rulers or controllers of the animal kingdom. The chimpanzees lack emotions or feelings that help control aggression while man is responsible and capable of controlling his or her feelings despite the situations.

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