Sample College Paper: Cyber Technology And Future

It is hard to imagine the future without high-tech devices and intricate gadgets, cheap surgery and genetic modifications. They are already on the threshold of free access all over the world. Humanity is on its way to unknown and is moving with the fast pace to the new understanding of life. About a half century ago we could hardly imagine the nearest future that is now our present or even past. Some may say it has not changed much, others may claim it changed radically and continues its transformation, whatever. Different people have different views of technologic progress. However, everybody realizes that it takes place right now and right here. Continue reading Sample College Paper: Cyber Technology And Future

Xenophobia Research Paper Sample: The Nature Of Xenophobia

There are many vices of the modern society that deserve attention and are regularly debated. Among them, there are racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, etc. All of them are undoubtedly begotten by society itself and never exist out of their carrier. There is one term which may incorporate all above mentioned – Xenophobia.
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Writing Essay On Terrorism

Terrorism has become the threat of the modern world and effective mechanism of the global world war. However, can it be justified? Can terrorism be justified as a leveler of societal choices and rights, as an evidence of national self appear and religious, social, national, etc. superiority? What if the justice is powerless and there is no way to fight, but this one? All these questions remain without an answer but are still rather disputable. The phenomenon of the terrorism is one of those notions which is hard to explain or perceive. It is an ambiguous phenomenon that caused much stir all over the world.
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